Showing Gratitude To Teachers And Role Models

by on June 21, 2017

From the time we are children, we interact with, communicate with and are inspired and taught by brilliant minds and influential figures who are more than capable of shaping not only our minds, but our personalities, characters and life choices. It is not only restricted to schools, colleges and educational institutions, as being an inspiration stretches far beyond the mere augmentation of your brain power and knowledge. While education plays a big part in who we are and what kind of lives we lead, who we are as people and what our priorities are say a lot more about us than what our paper qualifications ever could.

Our parents, teachers, bosses and even our friends, make a huge impact on our lives, and they teach us about what kind of people we should be, even if they themselves don’t realize it. While simply returning the favor, and turning out to be the kind of human being they expect you to be is more than enough for them, we owe them our gratitude, and we owe them symbols of our gratitude, as difficult as it may be to express in words, actions, or any number of materialistic things.

Just like Melbourne stonemasons create works of art out of raw, uncut and unshaped rock, our role models mold masterpieces out of the raw, uncut and unshaped human beings we naturally are. We are nurtured, cared for, and beautifully shaped by these individuals, who give their utmost to make us who we are. They sacrifice their time, money, leisure and patience in order to bring out the unbounded potential within us; for the whole world to see, and for this, we need to put them on a pedestal for the whole world to see.

So spare no expense- design the most elaborate plaques, craft the most beautiful cards, scout for the most extravagant trophies, or the most innovative medals with which you can felicitate these true champions. Show no hesitance in showering them with gratitude and showing them just how much they mean to you.

Even in the life beyond, they are sure to feel the love that you bestow upon them for all their efforts through the memorials that are erected or designed in their name. Whether they are effigies and massive structures or buildings named after them, or even the cherished memory of them you keep in your heart, it is worth the world. Never underestimate how much your gratitude may mean to someone. It may not be through huge shows of affection, but even to express it with sincere words and loving care, is more than enough. To see different options of plaques customised to suit your needs please visit

Bringing Up Children Who Care

by on May 16, 2017

Many in the older generation accuse children nowadays of not caring about anything other than their iPhone or tab. Some young adults face this accusation too, mainly because these younger generations do not value the same things that the older generation did. Most young people prefer to make memories over money, while for our parents and grandparents, it was all about getting a pension.

However, there is some truth to their claims; children who spend their lifetime staring at an electronic screen is shut down to the world around them, especially because they can customize the world they see on their little screens. In a world of tabs, laptops, gaming consoles and phones, how do you bring up children who can access their emotional intelligence?

Be a Model

For the first 10-12 years of their life, parents are their children’s heroes. They will model your behaviour consciously or unconsciously. So if you want children to be caring, giving, and compassionate, you need to model that behaviour and be genuine about it – children can spot fakes a mile away. If you make a charity donation, then tell your children or show your children how and why you did it. You may not want the spotlight on you but it is important to acknowledge what you have accomplished and explain to your children what it took to get to a place where you can afford to make a contribution to society. Don’t lecture them; have a discussion while doing something else.

Involve Them

Some parents take things too far and involve children in every discussion they have. Not necessary. However, if you feel they can benefit from the matters you want to discuss with your partner or you simply want your children to feel heard, then talk to them about the kind of charitable acts you want to do. For instance, if you want to set up a NGO donation for a deserving student, then take your child to the bank and let them see how serious an affair it is (also maybe take a colouring book to keep them entertained). Meet the student in question and let your child ask them questions no matter how inane they are. Involving them gives them a sense of pride and helps them connect the act and the emotion together.

Let Them Choose

At the end of the day, children need to find their own way. Maybe your contribution was a cheque; they might go to another country to build houses. Or they might not ‘give’ at all. They might even give up caring about the world around them for a while to be ‘cool’ but children with a strong background of social responsibility and caring about others will always find their way back to it, even if it’s just to raise more children like them.

A Beautiful Funeral Does Not Need To Be Costly

by on March 11, 2016

A beautiful funeral is all we wanted for our loved one. It might not good to hear talking about funeral preparation, we still have to pay attention as we will all end up here. Therefore, you need to become strong as incidents may happen like this. So, we must be ready on any possible incidents that may come into our life. We only borrowed our life, so, we have to accept the fact. A nice funeral makes the farewell of your loved one special. Therefore, you need to check on the costs of the funeral as it comes in different range of prices. Find ideas on how funeral services work, and how this can help you in the preparation.
Understanding the array of funeral rates
Funeral services are not just simply bringing the deceased body to the memorial place and bury the body. They still have additional and more services to provide on behalf of your family. They would also give funeral flowers and the coffin too. Also, the service comes on package like they will provide the coffin, funeral flowers and other additional services for the funeral. The overall funeral costs of cremation, the inexpensive coffin, pre-paid funeral plans, the catering and transport and especially the modest funeral flowers. All of these burial services can be availed on a package deal that really saves up money.

Beautiful funeral is needless to be pricey
Indeed, many reasonable funeral costs are offered recently. It comes to basic cremation to basic burial; the prices of these services have assigned price range. There are package deals that you can save up money as it includes the whole funeral services and let you sit down and mourn for your loved one. So, you don’t have to divide your attention to the deceased and for the funeral preparation as the funeral directors will do the part for you. Hence, many customers these days are getting and being satisfied of funeral services. They concluded that the burden they felt while mourning was not divided for the funeral.
A wise funeral costs are right for you
More and more people today are looking for a cheap charge of funeral services. If you check on the market, you will find out that funerals are one of the most costly services. Aside from being costly, there are also many things that you need to check if they are reliable or not. Of course, you will spend your cash, so, you deserved to get well done funeral services. Also, friends and even the family can help lower down the cost. The support of these people will help you for the possible expenses of the funeral.